our year {in blackberry photos}


Do you ever look through your photos on your cell phone?! Cause I rarely do. I typically bring my Nikon L110 with me for special occasions ( ie: Birthdays, cookouts, family gatherings) and then I get so caught up in the event that I never take my camera out of the case. I love love love my camera, but I worry about carrying it with me everyday. It's expensive (although I'm sure it didn't cost as much as some of yours..) and I always picture worse case scenario - my bag being stolen, dropping the case and smashing it into a million pieces, or leaving it somewhere. Worry, worry, worry, worry, worry.

Because of that, I capture a lot of random moments with my plain ol' blackberry. I've realized that I hardly ever share them here with all of you cause well, they're not always completely in focus or taken in the best light. And.. oh! It might also have something to do with the fact that I never look through the photo archive on my phone. Until a couple days ago. So here's a look back on our year via the blackberry cam.

 monster truck at Summer Nationals//braiding Little Sister's hair
summer friends//stretching in the sun
 naps on the giant couch//buddies
little paws//summer concerts
quiet backyard fires//mom-daughter days
the Halloween weekend snowstorm//my ballet barre

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