My first kitty-video diary!


Hello friends. I'm taking time out of my busy kitty-day to share my first diary entry with you.
Here's what I've been up to lately: licking myself, chasing the ants, scratching the furniture, sleeping, getting into everything and carrying my new toy all over the house.. (I think Mommy calls it a bouncy ball). Yup. I carry it in my mouth.

But today!! I discovered something incredible. I just wanted to go out and play.. but no one seems to understand me around here.

See ya later friends.. I'm off to nap, or find my bouncy ball.


tina.beth said...

I LOVE THIS! This is exactly what my Neo does, and the second I open the door he goes cowering under the bed, ha! I just love animals, they are always good for a laugh :)

elledee said...

so cute

Kiersten said...

This is absolutely adorable, Nicole! My own Kitty had been following me around all day - within two feet of me at all times!
<3 Kiersten

Alivia said...

Hahahahah she still talks and talks. Love her, can't wait to see her!!!