Last weekend, our lovely girls decided to do some not so lovely things. They got into our neighbor's garden and destroyed about twenty tomatoes. The neighbors couldn't have been nicer about it and never once mentioned fencing them in. The wife loves when they visit their yard and she picks them up and walks around with them all the time.

However, we felt inclined to put up a fence of some sort and make amends with the neighbors by delivering a dozen eggs. So now the ladies have a spacious area to roam with a complimentary compost heap. On the plus side, we don't have to worry about them making their way towards the road. We plan on letting them loose in our yard when we're home and are able to babysit them. Otherwise, they'll have to enjoy digging up bugs and other treats in the compost instead of the neighbor's tomatoes.



Alivia said...

heh. Bad babies! Chickens LOVE watermelons, did you know that? I'm sure you did, but just in case :)

Becca said...

Your chickens are the cutest. Ours escaped once after some impressive sneaky digging. xxx

Anonymous said...

At some point, they will realize they can fly and can easily get over a fence. Chickens are excellent escape artists, good luck!

Jodi said...

Naughty girls! Hehe. I guess you showed them with a fence (until they figure out they can fly over it)!

Taylor said...

hi, nicole!
this is too funny. i mean, it's bad, but looking back, i am sure you will laugh! :)
your blog is adorable and i am your newest follower. i cant wait to check back for more! your layout and design hooked me, it's just stunning!

Freya Lily said...

I totally miss having chickens. Eggs in Toronto are WAY too expensive!