Day twenty.


It's was/still is about 100 degrees in NYC today. Waiting for the bus wasn't too torturous this morning because that side of the street is in the shade at 7:30 am. However, we are still confused as to why there is a bus schedule, when they don't show up on time. We got to our bus stop at 7:20 am to get on the 7:30 am bus. Well, it must have come before we got there. Which doesn't make sense to us. When we finally saw the number 156 [our bus route] it was 7:44 am - we assumed that it was supposed to be the 7:49 am bus. Do you see the problem?? Regardless of the bus drivers incapability to tell time, we made it to Ailey on time.
But seriously why even print out all those schedules?!

Ballet class was slightly less annoying today. Mrs. Marino actually corrected me and maybe even complimented me. She walked over and said in her Argentinian accent, "You are not using this [pushing on my stomach]. You need to pull it up. You have nice legs, but need to use this and flatten your hips [I fidget]. More [fidget again]. MORE [fidget again]. There. Good."
It is typical of me to only focus on the correction and completely tune out whatever compliment is twisted in between the teacher's words [in any class]. It wasn't until after, when Alivia mentioned that Mrs. Marino corrected me, that I realized she had actually said something nice.

After class, we sat at picnic table on the patio [see first pictures in previous post] and watched a ballet class while eating our lunch. While I was reading my book, I would glance up every so often to see what the students were doing. Pirouettes. Waltz. Adagio. Pique turns. I become jealous and a little upset. Our ballet class is nothing like what I was watching [last week, while watching the same class, Alivia and I decided that it was probably level 4.. we are in level 3]. I know that I could do everything that they were doing in that class. The teacher seemed so concerned with their transitions and quality of movement. Something that we are seriously lacking in our class. I want to dance. And glide across the floor like they do. I respect the faculty and their decisions during placement classes. However, I know that I could be doing more and I can't help but feel a little bummed. After placement classes and during orientation, the faculty members kept repeating, "Just because you were in level 10 at your school, doesn't mean you will be here. The teachers here at Ailey know what they are looking for and will place you accordingly." I remember thinking to myself, Of course. That makes sense. We're at the best modern dance school in the world. It doesn't matter to me what level I'm in. I'm just happy to be here. Most of this statement still stands true for me. However, I think that no matter how good of a dance school you go to, sometimes, one or two out of the five hundred students will get placed incorrectly.
There's nothing I can do except dance the best that I can. That's what I came here to do. And that's what I'm going to do.

Dun, Dun, Dun-ham [said in a deep voice]
Honestly, it was better today. Instead of falling over after she said, "Hold it" 8 times, I might have made it past "Hold it" number 10 or 15. I felt satisfied. Until she told us to lay down, bend our knees with our feet flat on the floor, and to put our palms face down next to our ears. "And push up." [Into a back bend. You make an arch with your body - hands and feet on the floor]. Ohh Noo! All I could do was close my eyes and breath deeply in and out like I never have before. I concentrated on my breath and the fact that I couldn't see anything. I'm not sure if it helped. I think I feel a lot better about the class when I don't analyze anything that happens in that hour and half. I just leave it in the LLC and pick it up again on Thursday at noon.


Something that has been irritating me a little:
I keep seeing people updating their twitters and facebook statuses with "By the pool all day." Or, "It's sooooo hot." Ughhh. Please. Come to our apartment in Union City. Walk fourteen blocks to class with the sun beating down on you. [I apologize, the heat makes me really cranky].
I don't think I would appreciate a pool anymore than I would on a day like today.

Try to stay cool everyone.
If you have any tips for staying hydrated/cool/sane in this crazy heat, please let me know. You can comment anonymously.Just tell me who you are at the end of your comment!


I meant to do write this in my post from the weekend - but I forgot:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
To my Momma, Dad, Seester, Gramma & Uncle Scott - for sending us yummy treats, things I have forgotten/need, mail, alcohol and toys to keep us entertained.
& to Dana for bringing it all down when he visited this weekend.

It was greatly appreciated : )


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Britteny said...

make sure your water is more room temperature (well... obvi not the temp of your blazing apartment!!!) instead of ice cold.. I know if feels great... but cold reacts to your body on the inside so it will heat you up because your body will try to equal out the cold... if it is room temperature it goes through your system better so you hydrate better! but in between that, cold iced teas and lemonaids always make everything better! =)

nicole said...

Thanks Britt! I do love ice tea & lemonade : )

Anonymous said...

If I could make it better I would...but I am your mother...not mother nature....but I think she has a sense of humor too! Please just use the AC whenever possible and if need be, we will pay the difference.....this is not the normal summer weather you two are dealing with and you both need to take care of yourselves. Love you, Mom

Christine! said...

Put ice cubes down your clothes/in your armpits!
haha...that could actually get kinda messy, so don't do that. haha. I'll try to send cold thoughts your guys' way!

nicole said...

Hahaha. Christine your comments make us laugh so hard - keep em' coming!!!!