The Girls {month 4.5}


It's been about four and a half months since we brought home our six baby chicks. We are stilling loving them like crazy and really looking forward to finding their eggs hidden throughout the yard very soon.
And now for an update of sorts..

- They go out every day and enjoy spending time chasing me + sitting in the shade.
- Some of the noises they make really scare me.
- They take dust baths in our flower beds.
- They trample our spider warts and lilies like you wouldn't believe.
- Their wattles are growing quite large (I looked up the anatomy of a chicken to figure out the heck it was called).
- They absolutely love this weird corn mixture we got to lure them into the coop when we want. And it works! Dried meal worms.. not so much.
- They are more adventurous everyday. At first they had to stay together all the time, and now they are hanging out in pairs or even alone for a while.
- They love the neighbors yard. The neighbors love it, not so much.
- The way they run and try to fly still makes me laugh a little.
- When I'm outside getting the mail or doing yard work, they follow me everywhere (see crazy-shakey video below).
- They've developed a love for hanging out on our deck.
- They will be five months old on the 28th of July.
- We still can't really tell them apart enough to name them. We just call them the girls.


Freya Lily said...

Oh I used to love watching chicks grow. They are so funny aren't they!!!?? And yes I agree, they make WEIRD noises! Love them :) Can't wait ti see their eggs!! I love fresh eggs :)

Shoko said...

Ahh, so cute! When I lived on a arm (briefly), I loved feeding the chickens - they were so fun to watch and so full of personality!

Shoko said...

And by "arm," I meant "farm" :)

Benlovesting said...

Such a lovely blog! x

Samantha said...

having chickens seems so cool to me! I have family members who raise chicks and they love it :)

xo, samantha