Cars, stunts and flames up the wazoo


Because I love my boyfriend.

And my boyfriend loves cars. This weekend, we ventured off to New England's Largest Car Show, Summer Nationals in Worcester, MA. The nice thing about our relationship is that we enjoy doing things for each other (believe it or not). He sits through my dance performances (god bless him), and I walk down the never-ending tool isles with him. So when he found out about a giant car-fest only an hour away.. oh you know we were registered faster than you can say Bugatti. Honestly, we had no idea what to expect when we signed up for this. Except cars, of course.. oh yeah, and beer. But apparently it's more than that. All rules of the road are null amd void on a weekend like this. Trucks with flat rear tires (result of a burnout), uh drive down the street.. like nobody's business. Four wheelers, I guess, are road legal?! And  e v e r y  motorcycle does at least a mile long wheelie down the street. Ha. Yeah. I'd say that's an equation for a pretty entertaining couple days.

Again, let me repeat.. I love my boyfriend.
Here's a smidgen of what we went to see.. and saw.
Definition: Spinning the back tires (usually ones that are in not-so-good condition), by using the brakes only enough to keep the car still, and completely flooring it. Don't stop till they pop!
My definition: an excuse for making the place reek of burning rubber.
Watch out for the flying pieces of tire.. we found out that it's impossible to get off your face!

Motorcycle Stunts.
For the people in this world who have gone completely bonkers.
Definition: Trained professionals doing the most insane things you could possibly imagine, on motorcycles. Doing anywhere from 40-70 MPH. Mind you, this is only a tiny clip from the hour + we spent watching them. Other stunts included standing straight up on the bike - while it's going  i n c r e d i b l y  f a s t ..and head stands.. obviously on a moving motorcycle going fast... Real fast. How else would you do a headstand?!

Nope. I'm totally not joking.

Ginormous-flame shooting cars.
Definition: Uhh. Holy. Hotness.

I'm sure we'll be going back next year. And, yeah you read that correctly.. I said we. Although, I'm sure it's hard for all of you to imagine ME having a good time at something like this.. I do have somewhat of a.. I don't know, "boy-ish", "car-lover", "need-for-speed" side to me. Call it whatever you want. Really, I could be doing anything in the world, as long as I'm with him and I'd be totally happy and content. Oh. So corny.. queue the "awes" and gagging noises. Yeah. Whatever. Don't judge.

I hope all of you are having a lovely long holiday weekend. And for those of you who aren't in the U.S., have a cookout or at least a slice of watermelon and celebrate life and all the wonderful things in it.

Happy Birthday America!


michellelynn said...

I wanna gooooooo :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's corny, it's love.
love you guys! Love Mom <3

Sharde said...

yes, because you love your boyfriend. :) i would do just about anything for that same reason. its okay!

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