inspiration & the lack there of


I've always believed that to be a true artist, you must have some sort of inspiration. No matter what your craft may be. For instance, on the rare occasion that I actually plan dinner, it is usually because of a certain ingredient in my pantry that I just had to use or an idea that I found in a cookbook.

It can come when you least expect. And is usually MIA when you need it most. Dancers, performing artists, bloggers, teachers and artists of all kind are probably nodding in agreement.

---------------------------------------------------------- Inspiration & Choreography ----------------------------------------------------------

Choreographing can be mentally draining (you thought I was going to say physically draining, didn't you?!). Nine times out of ten, it takes me by the hair, throws me to the ground and says, "Ha! Take that!" It's rewarding, frustrating, beautiful, stubborn and invigorating. Most teachers and choreographers that I know plan their work before teaching it to their subjects ( I am going to call this the "Type A" choreographer, for explanation's sake). Kudos to you Type A. You're organized and well prepared! Then there is me.. the "Type B" choreographer. The one that waits till they're in class to choreograph. So not prepared and organized.

I've had many serious discussions with myself about this, and I've even tried to convert to a Type A. I'll say to myself, "Self, today you are going to choreograph the first eight counts of eight for your beginner jazz class and write it down, so all you have to do is teach it to the cute munchkins." And so I do. I scribble down some sort of weird and illegible dance short-hand in my "Miss Nikki" notebook, and go to class.

And once I get there?! I'm inspired... and not inspired. The steps that I spent hours planning and recording have washed away and instead I have the urge to do something completely different. Talk about feeling frustrated, totally excited and alive at the same time batman. Sometimes it is just because I hear the music differently, or because my mood changes, or because one of my students does something creative. And then I'm instantly intrigued and captivated enough to change my plans.

I'm still learning to embrace the natural Type B in me, and in some ways I kind of like it. Although I'm sure I would accomplish a heck of a lot more if I were able to plan out my choreography. But having my students around me and seeing the way they move and interact with each other has shown me that sometimes the best plan, is to not have a plan.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Inspiration & Blogging --------------------------------------------------------------


I'm feeling very uninspired. Everything I do (and sometimes read, unfortunately) seems so repetitive. Where do our favorite bloggers get their inspiration? Do you ever feel like you are forcing it? Cause I sure do. Not always, though. Just sometimes.

I know it's not a competition and that everyone is their own individual, but I can't help but compare myself to those who share on a daily basis. And when I say share, I'm talking about the full length novels. The personal stories, momentous occasions, serious topics/debates, or the latest life struggles/discoveries/surprises. I can't help but be intimidated. Some of the post are so incredibly motivation and refreshing. How do they do it? What keeps them from being dull and redundant?


And so I ask..

What inspires you? In relation to blogging or not.
How do you stay motivated? 
What keeps you feeling alive and fresh?

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