The time we were supposed to have a Halloween Party


It's been exactly a week since we've had internet at our house. For reasons unknown to us, we lost cable/internet last Friday. Maybe that was supposed to be a warning for what was to come..

I've never planned a Halloween party, but after moving into a house with the perfect basement for it, I quickly convinced boyfriend that we had to have one. So we planned and invited people. My mom and I bought/made decorations, and baked endless amounts of goodies. While cleaning and setting up for the party Saturday afternoon, giant feather-looking snowflakes started to fall. My mom called and strongly suggested moving the party to Sunday since we were expecting a snow storm, but I was in denial of anything major happening. And we live in New England.. it's not like we've never seen snow before! People starting to call saying they wouldn't be coming. I kept decorating. The snow was falling faster and harder, I put out the table cloths and candy. We lost power, I blew up balloons and shouted "I'M STILL HAVING A PARTY!" I refused to let a little snow storm get in the way. 

Finally at 7pm, I had given up, parked my hinny on the couch, and began my sulking session while devouring the bowl of candy in my sweats. No costumes, no people, no power and a whole boat load of sweets for the two of us. A few people did show up, to our surprise. We were happy/shocked when we saw a car pull in to our driveway, and double shocked when our neighbors showed up. It wasn't the turn out that we were expecting, but they were good company and the more bodies to warm the house, the better!

Well the power stayed off for five days. In the seven months that we have lived in this house, we've lost power twice. I've never seen a storm like this. Snow falling on October 29th, and more trees across the road and taking down power lines than standing where they should be. It wasn't even Halloween!!! We had about 10 inches of snow on the ground by Sunday morning. Some places had 18 + inches! After cursing the snow that fell and "ruined" our party, we were quickly thankful for the snow once we realized that we would probably be without power for days. Our survival plan would probably win the Most Creative Award. We loaded buckets of snow and dumped them into our bathtub. Once it melted we used it to flush our toilet. Although it probably made the temperature in our house drop rapidly, it worked. We left Sunday to fill our propane tank so we could use our grill. We scrambled eggs, made chicken wings and warmed up snow water so that I could wash my hair. We survived and definitely made the best of a very cold and dark few days. Some places in MA and CT won't have power back for another week! I'm so thankful that we have our warm house back and I hope everyone without power stays safe and gets their power back soon!

Have a happy and safe weekend! Most places around here postponed Halloween so maybe we'll get some trick-or-treaters after all!

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my abc soup said...

sorry about the party! That is always such a bummer. I am a planner and when things don't go as planned, I kinda freak. Audrey's HUGE 1st birthday party was in June and we had a freshly decorated and outdoor area set up when it decided to rain. I thought rain could NOT happen because there was no way 50 people would fit in our 900 square foot home. It rained off and on and somehow it all worked.

snow storm sounds fun =)