hello sunday.. it's nice to see you


It's noon and boyfriend is still sleeping. Usually I stare at him from the side of the bed, poking his cute little face, probably completely annoying the heck out of him, hoping that my glare will motivate him to leave the warm cocoon. But who am I kidding? If I could, I would stay there as long as possible too. So, for now I will go about my day waiting for him to slowly make his way among the living, so that we may enter the wonderful Sunday mode that we enjoy so much.. which includes, but isn't limited to:
reading, watching movies, making and eating food, napping, sipping coffee all day, playing with the kitty, wearing sweats, minor organizing, chores (believe it or not, we actually like doing these kinds of things together), more eating, more napping, goofing around, mixed with the slightest bit of productiveness (work related that is).

What makes your Sunday so great? Or not so great? I remember as a high schooler I dreaded Sundays. Especially around 4pm. By then you had to start preparing for the school week ahead. Doing whatever homework you put off, which totally takes up a huge junk of the wonderful Sunday afternoon. I remember an unsettled feeling that would linger for most of the day, because I knew what was coming.. what a bummer. And talk about completely ruining what now is one of my most favoritest days ever!

These would be the most perfect treat for a Sunday afternoon = ]

Happy Sunday Friends!

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Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely delightful post :) Those cupcakes really do sum up a perfect Sunday!! Yummy and pretty! Thanks Nikki for giving me another reason to smile today!! I had a lovely morning at work, then some hangout time with my roommate, and a good long nearly-an-hour of journaling, followed by an also very long chat with my mother on the phone, now some blog-catching-up-on.
I definitely remember the dread which Sunday evening brought...happy am I that all that school-ness is in the past!!
Mmmmm, so much love to you <3