Weekly Gratitude


 Weekly Gratitude participant! At the end of the week (for me, Saturdays), talk about the things that you are grateful for. Join us here!

*snow days (two this week)
*cozy socks that make boots feel all squishy
*boyfriend's oh.so.cute. surprises
*blogger's new fonts (however, I am soooo not grateful for blogger messing up my header.. which required me to spend lots of time out smarting whatever new format they decided to start using)
*I shouldn't complain in a Weekly Gratitude post - therefore I am honestly grateful that I have a blog with followers. So thank you = ]
*finding new music/sharing some of my current favorites - (see playlist)
 *sex & the city reruns that suck me in for  h o u r s!
*friends & our game nights

What are you grateful for? Happy Saturday friends =]

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Nicole Jeannette said...

This is a great idea! Hope you have another great week!