giving makes me happy


so does - making crocheted things, laying in bed, drinking coffee, wearing sunglasses, my new boots, planning Christmas gifts, thinking about Thanksgiving, getting presents from the boyfriend, the sun, celebrating veterans, walking downtown, snapple, lunch dates with the boyfriend, emailing friends, and making dinner - [last night Dana and I made yummy quesadillas with cheese, tomatoes, bacon, chicken and cilantro. We served it with white rice and they were sooo delicious and easy to make]. Things like this make me super happy.  

Speaking of the holidays.. I want to know! What are you getting for your friends and family? If you could choose from my list of handmade items below, what would you pick to give? Leave your selection in a comment - include color, pattern (strips, two-tone), other details, etc. If enough people are interested, maybe some sort of discount/giveaway will be created!  

scarf (with/without connecting loop/end tassels)
leg/ankle warmers
beanie hat (with/without flower decoration, baby or adult)
baby blanket
pair of earrings

Happy pretend giving - for now  ; )

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AutumnRose said...

I just went to Jo-Ann's yesterday and got tons of gorgeous yarn. This afternoon, I began knitting scarves for some Christmas presents :) I love it!

And I must tell you that I adore beanies with flower decorations!