It's a good thing I like him..


I told boyfriend that this could be his wedding ring. We'll see - part of me was being serious.. part of me was joking and only said it to get a reaction out of him. But it's possible. I like when people do creative/informal things at their weddings. Not to say that we are getting married any time soon - maybe now that I said he could have this ring, it will motivate him. No biggie though. We're not going anywhere.

12 Point Wrench Ring

I think I'll get this shirt for him too
and maybe one for me.. AND THEN we could wear them on our wedding day.
this shirt complete sums up the sense of humor in our relationship.
and I wouldn't have it any other way.
love it

happy weekend everyone

don't forget to look at my handmade page.. new things are being added : )

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