Monday Giveaway!


Hello friends. Happy Monday. 

I don't know about you but this weekend seriously kicked my butt. Yesterday was our end of the year recital for the dance school. Trying to think about the two days I spent there is a bit overwhelming now. It's hard to separate everything into neat piles. My brain just becomes a swirling blurry mess of sequins, makeup, tears, tutus and lots of happy faces. There is no better feeling than watching my students dance on stage. The bright smiles they show off. The endless hugs after they perform. Those two things make all the stress and hours of rehearsal totally worthwhile.

But enough about me. Today is about you. Because you could win some really amazing things. Like a pair of earrings (Handmade by Nicole), custom business cards, an amazon gift card, store credit to some lovely shops and much more! The winner takes all! Over $200 in prizes! So get your behinds over to Daryl's blog and enter! Good luck!


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Such a great giveaway!

Sadie Dear said...

I'm following now! Your blog is so wonderful, so I'd pro'lly follow anyhoo.... but, you know. I want to win the giveaway, too. ;)

Freya Lily said...

I totally love the giveaway! Entered this morning :)