For the l o v e of boots!


Fall is my favorite. Warm apple cider. Bright leaves. Pies. Family. Thanksgiving. Yum.
O h h h   yeah. And new shoes. Meet the newest addition to my shoe collection:

R2 Women's Cori Boot
In Light Gray

roxy Women's Toronto Boot
In Black

I love love love these boots. Someday, one wall of my "roomdedicatedtoshoes" will be floor to ceiling packed with boots. Super cute and warm. Something else that stole my fall-style-loving-heart - a woman wearing a scarf. But not just any old scarf. It had a hood! How fantastic. Why didn't I think of that. So adorable.   I.Must.Find.One.

or make one ; )

favorite thing today - [besides boots and hooded scarves] :

 "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

What's your favorite thing about today?



Alivia said...

This post.
I am feeling gloomy because I miss Michael (a whole 5 hours spent away from him. When did I become one of "those" people??) & my apartment is a toasty 50 degrees; this post warmed me up!

AND I'm looking forward to seeing you, and to wearing my new boots to the concert! (please please let's go?)

nicole said...

Yes. We are going.
Yes. We are wearing our boots : )

I am, as well, one of "those" people.
You need one of the rice packs to keep you nice and toasty!!

AMPED art said...

i have boots that are almost the same as the ones on the top, but mine are dark brown and i got them from Victoria's Secret hehe, I loooove boots!