Inhale deeply,


 e  x  h  a  l  e

Something I've been trying to do A LOT more of. Something I forget to do all the time [quite typical of dancers]. Something that a woman with so much enthusiasm and love for life that it's impossible to contain, taught me. Something that everyone should practice. Yesterday, while I was having "one of those days" I remembered how laying on the Old Gym floor, I would hear her voice, follow her instructions and feel like a million pound brick had been lifted off of my mind, chest and spirit. And while I was driving [not the best place to experience frustration, exhaustion & overwhelm], I sucked in a deep gulp of good 'ol air, held it, then let it out. Fully concentrating on the sensation in my chest. When I let the air escape, I shoved it out like I had never done before. Pushing everything [annoying phone calls, to-do lists, etc] out of my brain. And it felt wonderful. Like I had nothing in the world to worry about. We're always trying to worry about everything all at once. What for? Are we going to solve every single problem we stumble upon throughout the day. Probably not. And if you do, kudos, cause I can't and I will no longer try to do so for the sake of my personal sanity. 

So this is a challenge. For myself and you, if you so choose. 
Quit worrying when you know there's no use.
Move on. Push all the s#*t out and go back to it when you have some time. 
Or just get rid of it all together. 
Grab life. With both hands. Hold on tight.
..and exhale once in a while for goodness sake!

Now that i re-read this post, it sounds sorta corny. Oh well. Sorry.
If for some crazy, bizarre reason, any of you decide to try my "challenge" I'd love to hear your revelations, feedback, struggles, success, etc. so leave me a comment = ]

Happy summerlikeweather day!

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AMPED art said...

You just reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: "worrying is a lot like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do for awhile, but doesn't get you anywhere." (I have no idea who's quote it is...) :-P

CHow11 said...

I'm gonna try real hard to use your advice nicole..but sometimes it is just difficult to let go..and I love the quote from above, it is so true and is simply just Great!!!