A breath of fresh, Autumn air


Things that make me feel refreshed & happy:

Cleaning and organizing my clutter (ie. combining my stuff from three places , into a teeny tiny one)
Changing/reorganizing my blog - partly because I'm bored
Doing laundry
Making the bed every morning
Being caught up with finances - well.. as caught up as one can be
Getting new pointe shoes
Picking out my outfit for the night before
Thinking about all the lovely gifts I'm making for the Holidays
Homemade pizza (everyone picks their toppings! So fun!)
Drinking tea &/or coffee - usually not in that order
Stepping out into the cool, fresh Autumn air - when I'm all bundled of course
Thinking about the next couple months
Having a schedule
Having a paycheck
Painting my nails
Donating clothes - then buying new "grown-up" clothes as I call them ; )
Spending time with my Momma
Setting new goals for myself
Halloweeeeeeeeeen : )
Making lists..

What makes all of you happy this time of year?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love lists like these!!
Here's mine:
Seeing leaf-prints on the sidewalk after rain
Visiting with friends through their blogs <3
Talking on the phone to my family, outside
Baking with pumpkins, squash, & apples
Writing letters outside in fresh air
Anything and every thing Outside
Starting to shop for Christmas
Going to Farmer's markets
A birthday celebration
Pumpkin spice lattes
Having a job

Alivia said...

I second all of Autumn's items.
I also love that you liked my video-- it's a bit ridiculous!! When do we get to have a reunion?! Soon, please.