"A good way to stay healthy is to eat more Chinese Food!"


My sister and I had Chinese for lunch. It was delicious. Sushi. Rice. More Sushi. Crab Ragoon. Pineapple. yummmm. When I opened my cookie the tiny paper read:

 "Memories make what we are. 
Dreams make what we'll be."

What type of fortune would you rather see inside your cookie? The ridiculously silly kind [hence the title for this post] or the life changing insightful kind? If I had the job of creating fortunes for those delicious little dessert thingies, I would probably come up with some pretty silly remarks. Like, "Dude. Find a breath mint.. NOW!" Personally, I'd rather laugh than feel a dramatic, black cloud suddenly appear when I read the confusing mumbo jumbo written in blue.

 By the way - I could eat sushi and pineapple all day everyday!


- Someday my boyfriend will get me a cute bicycle like this one - 


                                                  enjoy the rest of your Hump Day ; ]



ericalynn said...

i love my bestest best friend. in the time of need for a smile, or in this case a positive thought, she is always successful.

Anonymous said...

Every single time we have Chinese food, my uncle opens his fortune cookie and says "This one says....'Help! I'm a prisoner in a cookie factory! Rescue me!'"

nicole said...

Erica - I love you for loving me! I'm glad we are still able to make each other smile.. after, gosh.. how many years?! Piee

I love that one Autumn! If enough people share their funniest, I will dedicate a post to them. They should most definitely be shared : )