Now that I have my life back!


So today has been very exciting.. for various reasons!

1. I handed in my last paper which also happens to be the very last thing I have to do for school!
2. It's my Birthday and my friends have been so wonderful!
3. It's almost graduation!
4. Micheal and I won Dancing with the Staff =]

All of these things are making me very very happy. I feel as though I can once again devote some time to this blog. Sorry I've been slacking.. a lot!

Graduation is in 10 days and I have no feelings of sadness.. which seems to be the general emotion among the graduates this year. But not me. I guess they are sad because they are going to miss their friends. And the only people that I would miss I will be seeing very often.. I hope!
It's such an exciting time in our lives.. and I couldn't be happier to get out of this place. So many fun and exciting adventures are ahead of all of us.

So now that I have a life again (almost) I will hopefully have some more free time to share fun things on my blog =]
Like this:

Dean College Modern Dance Company 2010 "Ode to Coco"

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