Three strikes, we're out?!


Since my post yesterday:

We've gotten lost on the bus
We've relaxed
(if only a little)
We've done laundry

We've gotten hit on

We've laughed about the apartments "personality
And acquired visitors

Let me explain:

Yesterday, we had to go to Manhattan to figure out this bus situation. We were told that we could get monthly bus passes for the "mini-bus" which is what we have been taking. We had no problem getting there, however when we were at the Port Authority the man said it was $98 and that we couldn't use it until July 1st. Strike number 1. That made us very frustrated. And as we marched down fifth avenue we had a revelation - only ice cream would solve the problem. After paying $2.50 for a warm soft serve cone, we decided to tackle the next mission: get a library card for the famous New York City Public Library. Did you know that you cannot check books out of the huge, beautiful stone built library in the center of Manhattan? Well believe it. After browsing the first floor book store (souvenir shop) we decided that since we didn't see any books maybe we should check upstairs. Nope, not up there either. You have to go to a branch library. So we walked to the corner of the street to the Mid-Manhattan Library. But we can't get a card because we aren't residents of New York, and we don't have an ID for Ailey. Strike number 2.
After a few more errands, we decided to head back (4:00 pm). We walked back to the Port Authority to catch the bus. After asking which bus went to Union City, we thought we had finally figured it out. As we get through the Lincoln Tunnel, I make sure to pay attention and look for the stop that we have gotten off before. Ok, stop one - we see the Bank of America, but know that there is a stop closer to our apartment. So we wait. Then I start to panic. "Um Alivia, we're going the wrong way. We're about to get on the highway." All we can do is look at each other and then drop our heads into our hands. There's traffic up ahead. Ahead to where? We have no idea where we're going. Shit. Oh god. What are we going to do? So we wait. We don't get off, we're lost. "Maybe the bus will go back? It has to turn around and go back right?!" Nope. First it's 10 minutes further. Then 15. Then 30. "Ok, maybe we should get off? I dunno. How do we get back?" So we decide that since buses keep passing us going the other way, to get off and get back on one of those. So there goes another $3.50. So after an exhausting trip on the bus, to and from who knows where, we walk 13 blocks back to our apartment. Strike number 3.

Today we decided to not take the bus. Maybe if we take a day off to think about it, we'll be less frustrated when we have to go back. We relaxed this morning and most of this afternoon. I read a lot which was nice. We did some laundry, which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The laundry room is in the basement I guess you would call it. You have to go outside the building and then go into another room. The trash is also down there.

Walking down the street here is an adventure in itself. We had to go get some batteries, and I wanted to get another pair of sneakers. After searching for a CVS on GoogleMaps, we set off. We knew where we were going and everything. We looked around the corner crossing our fingers that we would find it.. Nope. It's something in Spanish. Definitely not a CVS. Darn. So we walk further. There are people everywhere. It is a very busy place. Since we've been here, several comments have been said in our general direction. (Don't worry Mom, they don't do anything but talk at us.) Usually as we pass we make that silly barfing noise or make some sarcastic remark about how they probably do that to anything that remotely resembles the female species. Today we heard "beautiful women" as we walked by someone standing outside a store. The women, however have been fairly friendly. Today in Payless, one struck up a conversation with Alivia about shoes. It was cute even though she didn't know what we were saying.

Alivia's friend from Maine, Christine came this evening with her friend Kate. They are going to a Rugby tournament tomorrow which apparently takes place in Jersey. Huh. We were definitely surprised when we heard that National Rugby teams were coming to New Jersey. I think we made the same astonished face! There are staying here tonight, will be gone all day tomorrow, and will stay over tomorrow night before driving back to Maine on Sunday. It is nice to have more people around. They weren't completely disgusted by the place!

I've taken some pictures. Some were serious, like I was actually trying to be a photographer. Others were for the sole intention of documenting some crazy things in our apartment.
Can you pick out one from the other??

Please leave your comments. We wanna know what you think!!!

PS. My momma and sister come tomorrow and I'm excited : )


jaxiecrax said...

O.K.... I think pictures 1,2,4,6,& 8 are the crazy things in your apartment!
Just kidding, number 1 is my favorite but I also LOVE #5!!
I love your Blob! I am going to read it every day so try to write at least a sentence or two.
I'm excited for the two of you to start your classes!! ((HUGS))

nicole said...

Thanks momma Cram : )

aly said...

picture number 3 is BY FAR my favorte <3 its so honest and real but beautiful at the same time. you got sumthing going here though Z...i read your blog and looked at some of your pictures...nicki in the making would b such an awesome talk show/reality! i kno it sounds crazy but your an awesome writer and everything in your blog is interesting and fun to read tons of people can relate to you from all different ages. its HILARIOUS ;-) i never ever EVER read blogs but this one is AWESOME!!! have fun at ailey...miss you girls <3 and imma keep checking in so keep the photos coming!

Christine Howard said...

THe doll from the light kept Kate and I safe at night. haha! and THe paint job is probly the greatest thing ever...oh and the shower works, that is if you know how to actually turn it on. HAHA. Hopefully you figure out the best way to keep it cool in might have to wrap yourself in the new (damp) towels. that might work! oh and so glad you guys have that microwave now!!!