Battery Park & Ground Zero. Check.


Our lovely friend Mary Elizabeth was kind enough to spend her Sunday afternoon showing Alivia and I around the area in which she lives. I've never been to Battery Park City so I was excited to experience and new part of The City. We met M.E. [Mary Elizabeth for sort] and her wonderful parents in the Financial Building. It reminded me of a mall. However there were palm trees in it! Definitely not like any mall that I've been to before. It was nice to sit and chat over coffee about dance, New York, Ailey, Dean and friends while overlooking the Hudson River through a gigantic glass window.

 Once we finished our yummy snacks and coffee/tea, we headed up the beautiful staircase [pictured above] for the "best view of Ground Zero" according to M.E. And it was definitely something to see. She told us her story of September 11th [she has lived in the Battery Park area since she was young] and how her father and brother were in the area that day. Luckily, for reasons unknown, both of them avoiding entering the buildings that morning.
I'm sure there are millions of stories just like hers in which loved ones mysteriously avoided the horrific day.

Battery Park City is such a fantastic area. It seems like it doesn't exist in the same place that the smelly, muggy, smoky, rude-pushing area that we are used to, does. It's open, beautiful and surprisingly clean feeling. I loved walking along the water, feeling the breeze and smelling the salt which I have missed dearly this past month.

[Across the river is Hoboken, NJ]

I like this picture. For two reasons!

[Below: Irish Memorial]

[Below: A park that M.E. really enjoys with neat sculptures!]

After the three of us were practically melting, M.E. took us back to her apartment. Holy Cow. When she said she loved the view, she wasn't kidding. From their 22nd floor apartment [which is beautifully and simply decorated] you see Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, New Jersey as well as the numerous cruise ships that pass through the Hudson daily. I could have stared out that window all day! But we didn't. It was so kind and lovely of her and her parents to invite us into their home. Not only that but her father convinced us to go to dinner with them and was not going to take no for an answer.

 [View from the dock]
 [The Statue of Liberty is the tiny stick in the center of the photo. Just in case you were wondering.]

 We had such a nice Sunday with Mary Elizabeth and her family. I'm going to miss not seeing her everyday at school : (


Today was a very sad day at The Ailey School. Denise Jefferson, the director of The Ailey School passed away on Saturday evening from her long battle with ovarian cancer. She will forever remain in the hearts of those who knew her. Her dedication, love, determination and willingness to educate her dancers will continue to flow through the studios at Ailey as well as through the bodies of dancers around the world.
Rest in Peace Ms. Jefferson.

Click here to read a lovely article in memory of Ms. Jefferson.


In response to those who were wondering..
the pastries from Carlo's Bake Shop were probably as you imagined.

Absolutely Amazing!

I might convince the boyfriend to take us when he comes next weekend ; )


Oh! Please let me know if you would like to attend our Summer Sizzler show! I have four reserved tickets for the show on Friday, July 30th at 4:30 pm. I will lose them if I don't buy them by this Wednesday!

Ok. Alright. I'm done for real now.
Wow I didn't realize how many asterixs I was using.
I apologize.


Christine! said...

I love that pcture with Alivia on the side....Her face is the greatest!!!!

Enjoy your last couple of weeks!!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Nikki! I love these photos and the story that went with it! I loved Sunday it was perfect! I'm going to miss not seeing u everyday as well my lovely but I know that u will be a part of my life forever cause u are just one of those people I'm gonna keep in my pocket, ok GREAT! LOL Thank u for such a wonderful day! <3

Anonymous said...

Great pictures honey...what a great day with your friend...wish I was there...the pictures are great...that camera has been such a good will make money one day using it!..I'm sure your day was sad with the news of the director but that event(as sad as it is) will always be part of your history of being at Ailey. Love you honey...and I am so proud of you and Alivia! You two overcame so many obsticles and look where you are today...just stay awake in ballet please!

Britt Slips said...

I have missed out on so many of your posts!!! it keeps saying I am following you but you never come up in my subscriptions.. I must figure this out!!!
You're weekend trips seem wonderful!! It must be great to see all the different sides of New York!! I'm also very jealous of your visits with ME!! I miss her bright soul so much!! As well as yours and Alivias!!! I wish I had the funds to get myself down to see you... but Im unemployed still, and gathering money to see my friend in North Carolina as he comes home from Afghanistan!
Enjoy your last couple weeks at Ailey, eat it up!!! Even if the ballet class is boring (thats understandable, I had that problem for an entire semester soph year.. I was so bored I just felt myself getting bad because I was lazy and distracted by other things) You'll do great, and you will be AMAZING in the summer sizzler!!!
I hope to see your shining face when you are back in the MassLands<3
wow this has become an extremely long comment! haha

nicole said...

Blogger has been acting up lately Britt. I can imagine the trouble you're having since it usually takes me twice as long as it should to upload a darn picture.
I can't believe how quickly the summer has gone by. But at the same time it feels like I've been here for years.
I'm excited to come back to MA, but I know that I will miss the city very much. Even though I won't admit it now.
Hope to see you soon <3
& thank you for your long comment.
I love 'em : )