Although I've been cursing all the rain lately, I am thankful that it has brought all sorts of color and beauty to my garden. These are some flowers that I have in a pot on my front steps. They were a birthday gift from D's parents. Flowers and plants are the best gifts ever, I think. We have some plants in the front of our house that were given to us as house warming gifts and every time we see them, we think of who gave them to us. What a lovely way to be remembered. Some of our plants like our phlox, have dwindled away for the time being from all the gloomy, rainy weather. But our azaleas and spider-warts are in full force.

The azaleas are right outside our bedroom window so I get to see them every morning. The bright pink makes me so happy. Do you have flowers or plants in your home?! I wish that we could keep more plants indoors. They are great pick-me-ups and such an easy way to decorate. Our sweet cat just can't resist eating them though. I do have one vase of flowers that my dad gave me a few weeks ago that I have to keep in my craft room (which is off limits to her). I accidentally left the door open last week and came in to the vase tipped over and water pouring out all over -- right next to my laptop! Yeah, that will never happen again!


Anonymous said...

That first photo is beautiful. Flowers in or outside the home bring so much joy and beauty :)

Kelly said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Lovely!

Victoria said...

awesome photos!!
love your blog :)