Wednesday Wishes


Today I'm linking up with
Brooke over here to do
some wishing..

for spring to be the one and only season. Ever. I love how the first ounce of warm weather puts people in such a lovely mood. And I like when other people are happy. It's contagious.
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for everyone to go over to facebook and "like" Nicole in the Making. This is a great way to stay connected. And there might be things things I post there, that I don't here. So yeah. That's a pretty darn good reason!
a new skirt collection. Like maybe some of these?! I wouldn't complain if some of these just magically appeared in my closet.

advice. From all of you. So we've been talking about possibly adding some chickens to our lovely little family. Do any of you have chickens? We would really appreciate any advice. I think we're looking at getting about five or six little chicks (for eggs only!!!). Not only would we have delicious eggs from what I hear, but they would take much better care of our lawn than we do. And how cute would it be to see little chickens in our yard?! So give us all the chicken-raising knowledge you have!

Happy Wednesday loves
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Anonymous said...

Ask mommaB about chickens, her nickname is mother hen! <3 cakee

Alivia said...


Freya Lily said...

I grew up having chicken and ducks for eggs and loved it! Yes, it can be a lot of work but having those fresh eggs is wonderful! Plus there is NOTING more precious then baby chicks. As for advise, since I'm rusty on chicken rearing, the only advise I have is to get Bantam chickens ( they are ridiculously adorable because they have feathers on their feet and they are smaller then normal chickens!

Good luck!

Brooke said...

Those skirts are adorable! I definitely need some too!