City Lights


Some highlights from our New York City adventure yesterday. We pretty much covered all of Manhattan.. walking! It was tiring, but totally worth it. We saw some beautiful buildings and experienced true "city life" - well we at least got a taste of it.
My pictures probably don't do justice, but they'll give you an idea.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - Where Alivia and I will be dancing for 6 weeks this summer!

A really interesting store. All the mannequins were sparkly and pretty!

Triangular building - looks flat from the side.

Photographer for the day - I had to get her a couple times ; )

My favorite parts of the whole day:

- eating the best cupcake in the world from "CRUMBS Bake Shop"
- seeing Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
- riding the subway
- going to Starbucks (and then wildly searching for one when we truly needed it.. only to realize that it was below us..)
- seeing people out walking a wide variety of dogs/puppies =]
- seeing central park
- walking right behind Tracy Inman (a teacher at Ailey who did our audition)
- wondering around with no plan of really going anywhere
- being a tourist
- going to Union Square's market thingy
- taking pictures
- looking at nice apartment buildings (from the outside anyway)
- thinking about living there this summer
- spending it with 3 great friends!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Pics.!!
I'm so happy you had fun with the besties and that you and Liv will be together this summer...