Another project


While sharing guilty pleasure websites with my best friend Alivia, we came starting brainstorming a possible career choice: designing and making furniture.

The two of us got so excited and started thinking about what types of things we would make. Primarily out of metal (my boyfriend has a welder and has become quite talented), we would design things like head boards and canopies for beds, tables, lamps among other household furniture/decorations.

Maybe it will never happen. Maybe we'll makes lots of money. But I'm sure it will a fun learning process!

Maybe I can post some of our sketches once we have some!
Until then, here are some neat homey decorations that inspire me..

(we want to use tea cups & a tea pot in a canopy bed frame)


Alivia said...

Please let's do this! I started to sketch in Film the other day :)

Alivia said...

And I just sketched 5 more!