Clicking Refresh


Something funny just happened. It happens very often. Too often sometimes... this is why it's funny to me.

Everyday I find myself browsing through photography websites looking for something different and inspiring. I'm a very visual person so one picture can trigger all sorts of emotions, memories, dreams and desires in about two seconds. This happened today. You'll notice that the entire layout of my blog has changed. Including my playlist. It's because of that picture you see behind the title of my blog. I found it at and the rest is history. For the past hour and a half I was in the zone. Changing the colors, fonts and music on my blog. It's all relates back to what the picture makes me think of (and also the music I was listening to on pandora.) It's refreshing to me in a weird picture, design, geeky sort of way. I think it's going to become a ritual. A way to start my week - "Clicking Refresh."

I've always been like this. Wanting to change things constantly. In high school, I was always rearranging things. Mostly my bedroom which usually consumed me for about 4 hours at a time. I took time to sketch out the dimensions of my room and come up with several pages of possible layouts. It seems so funny to me now, but I really enjoyed it. I don't do it in such extreme cases now, however I still find myself changing things here and there where I live now (and even when I go back home.)

(Maybe I need to consider pursuing interior/graphic design somewhere in my future? hmmmmm)

After thinking about it, I think its just the type of person I am. I love change. Unlike a serious amount of Americans. You learn a lot. About yourself, your values, your personality and also of those around you. I had a conversation with my boyfriend last night about how I hate doing the same thing day after day. It's so boring. After a while it's not exciting and that's when I stop putting everything I can into something. This came up when we starting talking about potential plans post-graduation. I didn't realize it until it suddenly came out of my mouth "I can't stand doing the same thing day after day. I think that's why I'm sooooo done with school." That's when it clicked. I've been doing the same thing for four years.. no wonder I'm burnt out and counting down till graduation. I just need a refreshing daily routine. So the first step to getting there - my blog. I apologize in advance if it drives you bonkers ; )

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