I will have a room in my house where all of my books are color coordinated in a rainbow fashion. However, I will be replacing that cute pug with my kitty =]

Recently I have been thinking about how great it would be to be a house wife. I'm not sure where this secret ambition came from, but the more I see pictures like these, the more I look forward to having a family and taking care of them.
I think part of it seems so desirable to me because I've always loved organizing, cleaning and decorating. I love rearranging furniture, organizing clutter and finding nick-nacky things that make a room so appealing.

Maybe someday...


aurora said...

nice blog :)
i always read ur posts,
hope u will get all u wanted someday! :DD

Alivia said...

We must share brains.
Lately, I've been asking myself "What do you want to do with your life?" And answering "Be a housewife."

...What the heck! Love you! Can't wait to see you, lovely friend :)