my new best friend - super long version


The relationship between a pet and its owner is unlike any other. I grew up having numerous pets; dogs, birds, hamsters, ginny pigs, rabbits and of course cats. They've always been my favorite. The cleanest, the cuddliest and the most fun to watch chase their toy for hours. When I was almost 2 years old, my mom brought me to the animal shelter to pick any cat of my choice. My first pet, I was so excited! We walked into the long isle of cages and I began my selection process. I walked up to a small cage on the floor bent down to look inside at a small black kitten. She had big green eyes and a shiny coat. The man opened the cage and let the kitten out. Before I got a chance to pet her or pick her up in my arms, she was at my feet untying my shoe lace with her teeth. I remember looking up at my mom and saying "I want this one." I had Colleen for about 20 years, until she passed away while I was at college almost two years ago and after she died (the last pet we had as a family, the others had been given away or also had died), my father vowed to never get another pet. I was a little disappointed but with me living at school, I was fine with his decision. Until a few months ago. Living in a condo with my boyfriend is wonderful! I love learning about his quarky habits and making dinner together. But he isn't there much and lots of times I found myself wishing I had someone to help me pass the time. A CAT! I had told my very very best friend Alivia how much I had wanted one during what was probably one of the several most stressful weeks of a senior dance major's life! In the midst of all the commotion, she managed to surprise me with one (with approval of the boy of course)! I was so excited to get to know our new addition.
So the point of this blog was to tell you a few things that I have discovered about Amber. During the past month while I've been on break, I haven't had much to do, so I have spent a lot of time at home which has been wonderful since I have someone to play with now. We are beginning to learn about each others habits and personalities which has been pretty interesting.

First of all she absolutely LOVES to play, with anything and everything. For Christmas my family (self included) spoiled her with loads of toys. Balls, mice, fish, feathery things etc. Among her favorites is a mouse that Dana bought for her which that is attached to a string and a stick. This has provided the both of us with hours of entertainment. Anyway, within the first few days she had torn the thing apart. I walked into my room and found the stuffing gathered in a ball. Next to it was the small piece that made the mouse squeak (we decided to turn it off when she was meowing and backing away from the mouse like it was alive!) Even though it is connected to a stick, she drags it around like its a security blanket. Also recently I have walked into my room and found the torn apart fur ball on my bed as if she is giving me a present. Most of the time I find it uncontrollably cute, however last night I went in and the mouse and my comforter were wet because she had put it in her water dish. Another toy: my hair ties. I found this out when I first got her, however since we've been at my parent's house, things have escalated in this "hair tie war". I keep them in a small drawer on my dresser. Amber watches everything I do, including where I stash the colorful elastics. I woke up late one night to a strange noise and turned the light on to see Amber on the dresser with the drawer open. Hair ties scattered everywhere. From now on I have to turn the drawer around or deal
with the fact that she always will get into it - which is kinda cute.
Amber meows.. A LOT. Usually there's no reason, well none that is apparent to me. Its high pitch and at first sounds like shes in pain, but I just think she likes to hear her voice. One of the times that she does this is when I go into the bathroom. She follows me everywhere and when I go from my room to the bathroom and close the door she sits outside and meows till I come out. It's really cute but I worry that when I get up at night that my parents or sister can hear her. Going a bit off track: my sister and I got our mother a microwave for Christmas and wanted to surprise her, so we got up super early to set it up. Of course Amber followed and started meowing, we were
half laughing and half yelling/whispering at her.
Another thing she loves is to be pet. Especially her belly. She rolls over like a dog, paws in the air and closes her eyes. Surprisingly she stays like this for a while, even while she sleeps. She is so precious when she sleeps. I will take more pictures to post.
For the most part, this has been a pretty easy transition. She doesn't have a problem riding in the car (as long as she's in my lap), and only sort of bothers me when I'm sleeping. I love that she cuddles up with me and sleeps right by my head, but sometimes she licks my face and ears while pawing my head and neck. I'm sure it looks really cute and she means well, but at 3 am I just wanna sleep. It's gotten better, but if you have any advice I'd love it. Otherwise I'll just deal with the fact that
my kitty loves me that much!


Other than that nothing exciting. I wish it was snowing, but I'll settle for the wanna-be snowflakes blowing around out there. Nothing is sticking to the ground yet - fingers crossed!

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