old chickens / new tricks


So remember that time we got chickens, built a coop and added ducks?! Yeah me too. If you don't you can read about it here, here and here.

Well back when we were building our coop (by portioning off part of our shed), we decided to wait on building the nesting box because the girls were still too young to lay. We put it off, and put it off, and thought about it, got some supplies, drew some plans, thought about it, but continued to put it off. And then the girls laid eggs. Lots of them. And then we got messy (but so stinkin' cute) ducks. And they liked to bury the eggs. Not the best kind of egg hunt if you ask me. Finally D got sick of having to dig for the eggs and on Sunday he built the girls a very cozy place to lay.

We placed three eggs (with black sharpie smiley faces so we didn't mix up the old and new) in the box and crossed our fingers that we could teach our very smart, eight month old chickens where to lay their eggs. Day one - no such luck. They did get up in there though because the smiley faced eggs were scattered around, or on the floor of the coop. Day two - four out of the five eggs were in the nesting box! So it is possible.

At least four of our chickens are smart.



Alivia said...

Lol that chicken looks like she's saying "HEY. I'm almost smart. Sometimes."

Freya Lily said...

What a great shot of that chicken!!! So funny :) I always loved having ducks growing up. We had three ducks once that become to tame, they'd climb the four stairs up to the deck in the summer and watch us have dinner on the deck. We also had some ducks (different batch a few years later) that loved to take my mom's earrings out. They would nibble on the backs of her earrings and take them out. It was too funny.

Shoko said...

Aww, what a face!!

Jodi said...

That is too funny. She is adorable!