Chick update { week eight }


Holy cannoli! I have not posted a chick update in three weeks! Sorry folks. It's been a crazy mess over here. But I am here today to share some exciting news..

The girls have moved into their coop!

That's right. Finally! On Friday we moved the six chickens to their coop {in our shed}. They did not like being transported but I think they really like it out there. They have so much room to fly around and re-establish pecking order play with each other.

The past couple of days, I've been doing research on keeping free-range chickens. Because between D and I, we really know less than nothing about raising these free-range babies. Anyway. I read that you have to keep them in their coop for a week straight so that they learn that this is "home". Makes sense, but I feel bad for the girlies. I make sure to check on them throughout the day because staying cooped up in there with a bunch of other females twenty-four-seven must really stink. Ha. I made a joke.

The point of this post is to actually show you pictures because I finally got around to taking some today. You aren't going to believe how big they've gotten! I'm really looking forward to the fresh eggs and a little help with bug control.


Other than the fact that they've gotten significantly bigger, not much has been going on with them. They have a few new noises in their repertoire and the feathers on the red girls change daily. We still haven't given them names because one--they are still too hard to tell apart and two--we're sure that their appearance has a lot more changing to do. I promise to let you all know what we've picked out as soon as we know. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day everyone!

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