drum roll please



They are about a week old and starting to grow their, what I call, big bird feathers.
If you've ever had baby chicks, then you know about the endless list of cuteness.


how they stretch their legs, the way the fall asleep,
how they tilt their heads back to drink the water,
how they poop and pee in your hand (every.single.time.you.hold.them.),
they way they try to flap their itty bitty wings,
and the sweet way they peep and chirp at their sisters when they walk on their heads or wake them up.

So happy that we got them just in time for Easter! Now we just have a couple weeks to build our coop. They grow quickly so they will be out of their box in no time!

Enjoy the weekend friends!


Freya Lily said...

I love when one of them finds like a spider or something, piece of grain etc (this happened a lot because we kept ours on our old back porch)they all run around and get really excited, chasing each other etc. SO CUTE! Can't wait to watch the progress!

Lemanie said...

Awww!! I love baby chicks! A friend of mine has chickens and got a rooster...yeahh....these lil guys are soo cute!!

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