scenes from the weekend


 1// my favorite summer drink 2// breakfast
3// "hey, sup ma?" 4// lazy Saturday morning

I was pretty terrible at taking photos this weekend. Which I'm sort of okay with - because that gave me more time to enjoy the long, hot days and cool nights. We took advantage of our fire pit and spent as much time as possible working in the yard or driving around with the top down. My idea of a perfect weekend off. Although I did do a little work in the etsy shop.. check out the redesigned heart rings & toe rings! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! Today I start teaching summer dance classes and I couldn't be happier. Enjoy your Monday!


Maria said...

Good luck with your summer dance classes!

Bubble My Licorice said...

what an amazing post :)
good luck!!

Kristin said...

Yes! You're so right, less picture taking = more being fully in the moment. I think all us bloggers can understand that :-) - You're a dance teacher?! What do you teach? I've been a dancer my whole life, though retired for a few years now from ballet, my hubby and I have been enjoying ballroom together when we get the chance. So nice to stumble upon your blog this morning. Have a lovely day!

Robots in Trouble said...

i like your photos! you're not terrible at taking them :P have a good one ! btw i'm a new follower! i hope you follow me back :]