Weekly Gratitude


Thank you friends and family for supporting me in The Eclipse Performance. It was so wonderful to see all your faces (literally) while under those lights. I'm blessed to have you all as cheerleaders!

Thank you blender and frozen fruit. You make awesome smoothies. So far my favorite is this one from Sophie!

Thank you dance teacher buddies. It's nice to bond over yummy food and song challenges (how many songs/bands can you think of that have to do with numbers?!? 3 Doors Down, 3LW, One Thing, 1999, Billionaire, Five for Fighting...) We should hang out more often.

Thank you boyfriend. For working so hard to get our place lookin' spiffy for our party! Sometimes I know, I'm a little crazy and annoying, but I know that my nagging and our hard work, will pay off.. someday. I hope..

Thank you to the World Wide Web. More specifically, those websites that help you diagnose yourself. Maybe one day, we won't even need to visit the doctors.You'll just type in your symptoms and then bada-bing bada-boom! No seriously. I was able to figure out the bizarre case of my night sweats (bizarre because I'm generally freezing cold). So you wanna know the reason?! Huh... do ya? Do ya? Our new duvet cover! Yup. Turns out certain fabrics don't "breath". We got our duvet cover about the time we moved into our new place, which conveniently was also the beginning of the most annoying and gross thing that can happen to you while your sleeping. Long story short, it probably would have taken me a lot longer to figure this out, if I hadn't searched it on the internet. Phew!

Thank you Amber. For providing hours of entertainment and millions of laughs for your Daddy and me. We love you cute little muffin'! (Even though you're strange and like to hang out in the most awkward places - see above!)

Thank you Earth Day. For reminding people to be kind to you. Now if only people treated every day like they do Earth Day.. How we celebrated:
Free rides around the yard in our four wheeler's bucket! Boyfriend is such a sweet Uncle =]

Happy Weeeeeeeeeeeeeekend!


Kiersten said...

Amber is the most adorable cat ever! I need to teach my Kitty to do that...
<3 Kiersten

Piril Maria said...

A great post. Loved it.


two birds said...

1. cutest kitty pic 2. my kids would have loved that ride around your yard. how fun! what a great idea!!

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

awesome thankful post!! hope you had a great weekend :)

Kelly said...

I am the opposite of thankful to medical diagnosis websites, because the answer is always far worse for me! I'm glad yours was solvable and treatable! Duvet is much better than half the crazy stuff I would have imagined!

TheeFknGoddess said...

Awwww your cat is gorgeous! :D