Any day that I get sweets, is a good day



Yesterday was a day full of love. Lucky for me, it was hardly different from any other day of my life. I spent the afternoon with sugar-filled children dressed in red and pink. They each received a little handmade valentine from me and there were hugs galore. I am so fortunate to have loving people all around me. Always surprising me with little bits of encouragement, heart necklaces and delicious sweets.

Over here, we celebrated with a "normal" dinner, our usual Tuesday TV shows, champagne, chocolate and the most amazing heart shaped ice-cream cake you could imagine. Nothing too fancy. And we'd prefer it that way. 

I made boyfriend a cd with songs that remind me of us. He got me my favorite candies; jelly beans and chocolate.

My mom came to the house when no one was here and left us gifts from her and my dad. Heart shaped ice-cream cake, mini Asti champagne bottles, a pandora bead (for boyfriend, of course) and two 300-piece puzzles. Because we are dorks that just happen to like chocolate and champagne.

I hope your day was full of love. Whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or not. February fourteenth isn't just about couples you know. When I was younger, my parents showed us that it was about showing family and friends that we love them. We got and gave yummy treats and handmade valentines to all those special people in our lives. I get a little annoyed with the people that toss this day aside and blame all the lovey-dovey hoopla on Hallmark. No one ever said that you have to buy the biggest card, all the roses in the shop and create the most amazingly romantic atmosphere in history, did they?! So make a little valentine, bake a cake, or simply take some time to share a real conversation with someone close to you. Cause in the end, it's all about love. Everyone feels better when they give a little bit of it and get it back in return.

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