Happy Friday!


Wow. What a week, huh? Good news is?! You made it to Friday.
So give yourself a nice solid high five and maybe go out for that drink later. You totally deserve it.

1//our typical nightly cuddle session
2//backyard campfires on the holiday weekend
3//the new spot for cat napping
4//the girls
5//snack time in our kitchen -- no big deal
6//awesome shirt award of the week goes to moi
7//heart rings by Handmade by Nicole
8//the best part of spring + warmer weather
9//next project brewing for Handmade by Nicole.. excited?!

Can you believe it's June already? Cause I can't. So many wonderful things to look forward to this month. Can't. Wait.



TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Love your firepit - perfect summer night!

And the heart ring is adorable :)

Freya Lily said...

And a drink I did have! Or 57...too much drinking this weekend but what else do you do when family is in town???