When life gives you sea glass..



My lovely grandmother visited Maine a little while ago and found these sweet babies to bring home. She thought of my jewelry business and gave me the whole bag! The beautiful sea colors are so bright and refreshing. I'm sure they'll make great accessories for all my your cute summer outfits.

I've always loved pendants because you can use whatever length chain or colored cord you like. Just by switching up that tiny detail, it feels like you've got a brand new necklace! I'm super happy to add these to my collection and I hope you all like them too. I'm sure I'll have them available in my etsy shop in no time.


Caitlin said...

Beautiful, I am loving the sea glass jewelry trend :)


Anonymous said...

those are so beautiful! my mom is going to costa rica and the end of the summer and i guess there's a lot of sea glass there so she said she was going to get some for me :)


The Craft-Arty Kid said...

These are so pretty!
I love the way you've made them into pendants