Dancing makes you smarter



A couple of months ago, my boyfriend's sister sent us this article. Whether you have two left feet or frequently practice your moves in the kitchen, I think it's worth the read. And if you are not a dancer, maybe it will encourage you to take a class or two. It might do the trick and convince you (and everyone else in the entire universe) what us dancers already know: that dance is amazingly good for you. Mind, body + soul kind of good for you.

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Freya Lily said...

I completely agree. I did ballet from 5-16 and completely regret quitting. But...I guess if I hadn't then who knows if I'd be where I am today??? :)

Catherine said...

I'm excited to read that article. Sometimes I resent the fact that dancing is somewhat of a lost art these days. It used to be that everyone danced when they got together, be it high society aristocrats or peasants. Nowadays at parties, we all just seem to stand around and eat food/drink while we gossip about other people. I'd like to bring back dancing!!

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Alivia said...

LOVES it. Read this today, on National Dance Day! :)