Wednesday Wishes!


1. Boots! Cowgirl boots, flats, heels, tall, short.. any and all kinds of boots. I could spend hours on {size 7.5 please}!


2. A bench for my kitchen. Something along the lines of this. Cause it's sweet and stuff.

 3. Fall weather. Allthetimeallthetime. I'm definitely a warm weather kind of girl, but there's something about jeans, sweaters, apple cider and autumn colors that I absolutely adore. 

4. For my best friend to have a fantabulous Birthday tomorrow! Cause she's special and deserves nothing less.

-- The two of us celebrating her Birthday last year --

What are your Wednesday Wishes?


Becca said...

I love those boots on the far right! I know what you mean about the layering and cosying down of autumn, I just need some more clothes to make it happen! I hope your best friend has a lovely day tomorrow :) xxxx

Amanda said...

Welcome Fall! Buying those boots would be the perfect way to welcome this charming season.

I for one know that my fall will be spent watching football with my slippes on, so you have some company there. :)

hayley86bright said...

Thats a gorgeous bench maybe a diy project? xx

Mrs. T said...