Alphabet me


Ambition: To be creative every day & to share everything I love and know about dance with my students.
Bad Habit: being hard on myself and munching when I'm not hungry.
City: live: Deerfield; want to visit at this very moment: Hollywood
Drink: Fresh lemonade &/or OJ.
Education: BA in Dance.
Food: zucchini, pasta, mashed potatoes, garlic bread.. hard to pick just one ; )
Guilty Pleasure: Shoes. Chocolate. Shoes. Wine. Shoes. Housewives of NY. Shoes.
Hometown: Williamsburg, MA
Ice Cream: soft serve: black raspberry & coffee swirl; hard: peppermint stick
Jonesing for: a trip with the boy to somewhere far away.
Kryptonite: Children. High heels. Country music concerts. Summer dresses.
Look-a-like: Lynda Carter (original Wonder Woman) and Stana Katic (ABC's Castle)
Movie: Night at the Museum, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Alice in Wonderland, Polar Express.
Nickname: Nikki, Snickers, Seester, Cupcake
Obsession: Organizing, then re-organizing. DIY projects.
Perfume: Anything vanilla, coconut or scents that boyfriend picks out.
Quirk: Burping really loud. Having to wash my feet right before I get into bed.
Regret: Not starting a cook book collection before I had my own kitchen.
Starbucks: anything with coffee and caramel.
Thrift Find of the Year: Most of the "new" furniture and decor in our home. I must say, I did a darn good job hunting for things that I love at a bargain.
University: Dean College. I mean university..
Vacation: what's that!?
Wine: Absolutely. White & fruity please!
X: The most annoying letter of the alphabet apparently.
Years: Twenty-three so far.
Zen: Bike rides. Baths. Ballet class. (I guess things that start with the letter "B").

Got this from Alivia & Allison! Great idea & fun too! Do an "alphabet me" post on your blog and leave me the link so I can get to know you too!


Talia said...

How fun is this! I did one:

I definitely know the feeling of wanting to eat when I'm not hungry! It's the worst....!!!

I also LOVE bike rides. :)

Also, I don't really have my own kitchen yet - VERY interesting that you say you regret not having a cookbook collection prior to having one. This is great advice to me, and I think I shall start working on that. Thanks!!

Happy Sunday!

Abby said...

This was so fun to read, I might do this! Chocolate is my guilty pleasure too ;)

Allison said...

Love your list, so fun! I'm wishing I had your organization obsession...I need to be more organized for sure :)

Helsinki said...

Haha I thought I was the only one that thought that about childrens.

I decided to jump on this bandwagon.

saffienotinschool said...

i did one!! it was SUPER UBER fun!! :D

Lela said...

Yours is so cute - it makes me smile! I did one too, and I linked it back to you and Liv.