Awkward and Awesome Thursday


>> the dreams that I've been having lately about my best friend's wedding which is four months away. I'm walking down the isle with my dress unzipped, everyone in the bridal party (except for me) is wear the most hideous red and white jumpsuit things and the bride is wearing a giant blue gown.
>> putting on my makeup while experiencing my morning coffee jitters.
>> parent observation week at the dance studio. Whyyy?
>> how much I love the smell of our baby chicks.

>> having short hair again. I think I'm pretending that it's summer over here or something..
>> how much I like my orange finger nail polish. Like I've mentioned before, I own absolutely no orange clothing, but for some reason I'm finding that I'm totally loving it on my nails!
>> the grand opening of mormor, where some of my items were sold. Read about it here!
>> this video/song/cover - go watch it NOW! I'm really in love them.
>> I'm starting a blog ad swap. If you're interested read about it over there >> and email me.
>> and lastly.. I usually hate these things that I find on photo-sharing sites, but this one literally had me in stitches..


 Have an awkward & awesome Thursday friends.
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Elisha(: said...

likee...OH MY GAWH!! :D that jack sparrow/crossing the road thingyy..STORY.OF.MY.LIFE. <3

Katie said...

Haha I love that Jack Sparrow thing! I really like getting to read everyones Awkward & Awesome posts. I'll have to try it sometime.

Bethany said...

I hate awkward dreams like that.
And that photo thingy is so funny! I hate crossing the road for that reason. ;)