Chick Update { week two }


 W e e k  T w o 

 --> last Friday, the bulb in their heat lamp burnt out. We came home from having pizza with the family and the little ones were in the dark. 

--> on Saturday, D came home and like usual, came in to check on them. The two of us do this weird thing where we count them every single time we look in the box. So like always, he did. And he only got to five, so he re-counted. Again, five. After convincing his eyes that he was really only seeing five, he looked around and found our little runt in a box under the table, sleeping. Poop everywhere. Poor thing flew out of the box and when she landed on the floor, it scared the shit outta her.

--> Saturday evening. We got a taller box.

--> Tuesday, I noticed that their butt feathers are getting much longer. You can also see parts of their skin peeking through the feathers on the yellow (soon to be completely white) chicks. I think it's because they're losing their baby feathers faster than their big bird feathers can grow.

--> this past week, I've had to re-fill their food feeder every other day. Boy can those babies eat. Either that or they somehow dump it out, which is completely plausible.

--> also, I've had to clean out their water dish more often. Like at least five times a day. And I'm sure it should be done even more than that. There is more bedding and poop in there than water.

--> by Wednesday, the feathers on the soon to be red chicks had shades of dark brown (see above). They are so scruffy looking and feeling.

--> these birds sure can "fly". Or try to anyway. I was watching them last night and they can get pretty high. Their wings are huge. We're probably going to upgrade their home once again. Something wider for sure, because I think they are getting a little grouchy living with each other in such close corridors.

the end.

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Freya Lily said...

Aw I miss having chicks!