There is something about this early morning fog that comforts and excites me. Seeing the sun pushing through the blurry thickness, knowing that in the next twenty minutes or so, it will have dissolved away.

There is something about sleeping with the windows open for the sole purpose of being woken by the voices of the birds. Chirping their little happy hearts away.

There is something about bare feet on the cold wood floors. About the freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen waiting to be sipped slowly.

There is something about my wet hair hanging over my shoulders, drying from the cool, thin breeze coming through the office window.

There is something about this easy-going yet productive, lovely and carefree feeling that gets me every time.

I hope it never leaves.



Unpublished Life said...

Lovely imagery. I can completely picture this ... gorgeous.

I have stumbled over from Alivia's blog and so glad I did. Love your writing style. Am a new follower:)

Have a great weekend!

DarkNiteV said...

I LOVE early morning fog. It is peaceful and serene and so calming. It looks like you had quite a beautiful morning. :)

Kelly said...

I love morning fog (except when driving). It's so serene and peaceful. Here's hoping yours last.