The exciting things going on over here


- Amber's mice-catching marathon. Seriously. Three since Sunday evening.. and counting. At first I was grossed out, a little annoyed, and, yeah really grossed out. But now I'm kinda glad we have our own personal mouse exterminator.

- My full-time commitment to Handmade by Nicole. In case you are just joining me, or if you just haven't been paying attention (tisk, tisk), I have left my part-time job (the office one, not the dance teacher one) so that I can make jewelry and other random accessories all day everyday. It's been a long time coming and took a lot of hard work and finagling, but I'm so thankful and overwhelmed with excitement to see what the future of this tiny little business holds.

- Scary, scary thunderstorms that shake the house and almost make me pee myself. I spent the afternoon in the bedroom under the covers since I was all alone and without power. (To give you an idea of how "out there" we live, we didn't have power for at least 12 hours and all of our neighbors have generators. Apparently this happens often, and it's not unlikely to be without electricity for days. Hm.) On a side note: My heart goes out to everyone out here who was left with nothing after the tornadoes. I pray that things start getting better for you real soon.

- Sewing machine-ing! I'm currently making cases for the pillows on the couch. So far I've also made; curtains for the kitchen/dining room, cushions for the dining room chairs and tie-backs for our sliding glass door curtains. I love, love, love it.

- Dance recitals galore! This past weekend was consumed with backstage whispers, lipstick, flowers, tears, smiles, and the joy and love we have for dance. It was a pretty spectacular feeling to see my students who have worked so hard all year long, up on that stage doing exactly what I taught them to do. Some very fabulous stuff people. Also difficult to express with words. Photos coming soon!

 Some of the flowers from my students


Abby said...

Yay for sewing! I really need to get back into sewing, I want to make another dress!

Kiersten said...

Pretty flowers!
Congratulations on your business - as soon as I have money, I want to get something :)
And I love sewing as well! I've been wanting to make a dress or something, but I need to get a better sewing machine - one that isn't just meant for mending things.
Congrats again!
<3 Kiersten