Awkward // Awesome


The little sister and I sometime around '95 or '96
= Having a bicyclist fall off their bike and into the road right in front of your moving vehicle. At 8:30 pm. No worries, I didn't hit him and I escaped with only a minor heart attack (kidding). And although he might have been under the influence, I think he was alright too.
= Not being able to get the groceries out of the cart and onto the counter fast enough to keep up with the cashier. Well I'm sorry to be boring you lady, but I only have two hands and I'm leaning over this cart all awkward like while juggling my keys, coupons and stupid Big Y card. So just give me a second would ya'?!
= New England weather. Giant snow storm seven days ago, sixty-degree weather today.

= Being a sponsor on this lovely lady's blog. Check it out!
= The grand opening of the little shop I will be selling my handmade jewelry in is less than a month away.
= Ellen and her ability to make everything in this world hilarious. Although it's really not too hard to make fun of The Bachelor.
= Nicole in the Making now has a facebook page! Go like me so you can stay updated. 
= Handmade by Nicole's new magnet wrap bracelets.

Have a lovely sunshiney Thursday everyone. Spring is so close.. I can smell it!

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Alivia said...

You know you can get a DUI for riding a bike while intoxicated!? Baha!
(I guess that's not really funny)

P.S. I love your new blog design. It's so you :)