Awkward and Awesome


-- having your eyes dilated at the eye doctor and then running errands and going out to lunch. My advice? Wear your sunglasses.. even in the restaurant.
-- staying up for twenty-four hours, only napping for three of those twenty-four and not realizing till the twenty-third hour that I probably should have taken my contacts out.
-- how the carbon monoxide or smoke detector always informs you that its batteries need to be replaced in the Middle. Of. The. Gosh. Darn. Night. Why?
-- this. 
-- when there is more than two people waiting to use the ATM. I always try to position myself in a way so that I'm not facing the machine and not staring at the other person who's waiting.
-- when the person using the ATM manages to jam up the receipt slot and get their card stuck in the machine.
-- my hearts.
-- having permission (from the police!!) to steal cars. REMINDER: boyfriend works for a towing (24-hour), auto body & repair shop.
-- seeing how excited my dancers get about their recital costumes, music and choreography. 
-- having the guts to walk into a shop that I've never been in before, and hand the lady a pair of earrings and brochure for Handmade by Nicole.
-- my potato salad. It's delicious I tell ya'.
-- 7-year-old Luke Spring. How does he move his feet that fast?!
-- The four two and a half boxes of girl scout cookies that must be eaten.
-- and in case you missed it, I was kind of in the newspaper. See?! 

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