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Some of our footage from Sunday, August 28th, 2011. This was taken at about 1:00pm on the Stillwater Bridge, before it was closed off. Warning: the video below contains some inappropriate language. What can we say?! We were a little stunned, scared, & genuinely freaked out. Especially since we've never seen something like this before.


The bridge at the end of our road, after it was closed. Basically connects us to the rest of the town.

Notice the house that is almost, completely submerged.

A pumpkin patch.
All photos from Deerfield MA. Taken August, 28th 2011

Luckily, we live high enough and far enough, from the river to not have directly suffered from any of Irene's flooding. Others were not so fortunate. Please pray of everyone on the east coast who has been forced out of their homes and communities. I know that it will be months before the mud and debris is washed away completely, and their homes are safe to live in.

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Kelly said...

I'm thinking about you! We didn't get much from Irene, but I knew others were hit pretty hard. Stay dry, Nicole!