She's here!


 A special breakfast. Just for you Irene. Happy Hurricane Day!

Amber kitty. Taking cover.

The Deerfield River, from the Stillwater bridge in Deerfield MA. Normally the river is pretty still (Ha! Get it?!) But the waves in this thing today, are massive! And you can kind of see to the right, the tops of the trees. With the entire truck submerged in the river. Just to give you an idea of how high it is.

 The Deerfield River, flowing over Stillwater Road and into a field. There are several house on this road that we were told, were being evacuated. When we went down there a few hours ago, the people were just chillin' watching the water flow into their yards.

Above is a cow pasture. Believe it or not, under that water is was a field. The river is just on the other side of those trees in the background. Earlier today, the cows were stranded and had to be moved to another barn!

That red thing is a cooler! Other miscellaneous things we saw/heard about, floating down the river: tires (several of them), propane tanks, porter potties, trash and of course, trees.

as of now:
-- we still have power.. miraculously!
-- the bridge in the photos above is closed, due to the fact that materials and random items from other towns are floating down it and could be dangerous. Like propane tanks.
-- we have no new fire wood in our yard. Sad face.
-- the bridges on the highway are closed.
-- rt. 5 & 10 that runs along side the highway (a pretty major road around here), is closed due to flooding.
-- we still have plenty of beer to survive a few days if we lose power.

Stay safe friends! If you're on the east coast, let me know how you're doing!


KC said...

Glad to know you are safe!

Healthy Branscoms said...

Stay safe! :) Love your blog! :) I became a follower! Erin