Awkward & Awesome


 She's either just waking up, or showing you her super fierce meow.

-- September 1st.
-- This right here. However, insanely funny.
-- Making eye contact with someone you think you know, who is staring back because they think they know you. However, neither of you say anything for fear of being wrong. So continues the long awkward stare.
-- Searching for songs that are about numbers, have a number in the title, or are by an artist with a number in their name. The theme for our dance recital this year is numbers. Bet you couldn't guess that!! So far the majority of the songs that I've found are A) from the 70's  B) rap  C) not upbeat enough for my jazz classes or  D) just plain, old lame -- someone HELP!!!
-- Driving on the bridge at the end of our street after it endured ocean-like waters and a massively, strong current on Sunday. I've been stopping before I cross {to make sure it's still there}, and then going reallyreallyreally fast over it.
-- How frazzled & nervous I get when I have to talk about teaching dance. Why don't my thoughts ever come out organized?!
-- The way my cat drools. Never on Dana, just on me. And only at 6am, when I'm trying to get that last ounce of sleep. I thought that by getting a cat I would avoid the sloppy mess. Guess not.

-- September 1st = dance classes start next week = money = a happy, tiny-bit less stressed Nicole!
-- Not having the "I have to go back to college" anxiety. It feels fabulous.
-- Warm end of summer days with cool nights. Sleeping with the windows open is my ultimate favorite!
-- Blogger's new home page jobber. Pretty schweeeet.
-- Jack & Jill parties.
-- Pumpkins. Apple Cider.
-- Fairs. Halloween. Birthdays. Graduation. Thanksgiving. Am I getting ahead of myself here?!
-- And!! This is just about as awkward & most certainly, awesome, as it gets:

I hope you're all being awkward & awesome today!


Lela said...

Here are some number songs!

1,2,3,4 by the Plain White Ts

8 Days A Week by the Beatles

Three Cool Cats by the Beatles

76 Trombones from The Music Man

1,2,3 A,B,C by Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 (a bit dated and vaguely cliche, though. . .)

It Takes Two by Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock

Mambo Number Five by Lou Bega (and the Disney Version)

I'm not sure how old your classes are or if any of this helps, but thats what I could think of! Good luck!

Kaitlyn said...

3 by Britney Spears (jazz)
2 is better than 1 by Taylor swift & boys like girls (lyrical)
6 years later by ghostlight (lyrical)
18th floor balcony (lyrical)
Let me know if you need other suggestions for a particular genre :)

Kaitlyn said...

3 little birds by ziggy marley (hip hop)