Weekly Gratitude


Usually I post my weekly "thankgodIhavethisinmylife" lists on Saturdays. But bright and early tomorrow morning (like 5:30am bright and early!), I will be venturing off to Plymouth New Hampshire with my mom and sister. Plymouth University has invited Eclipse Modern Dance Company, the company that I am a part of, to take master classes during the day and perform in their Gala Show Saturday night. It's super exciting.. except for one tiny thing: HELLOOOO New England! Surprise Surprise! Snow/sleet/ice/winter MESS is going to fall from the sky. Go figure. Luckily we will be in my mom's car which is better than the other possible vehicles we could be traveling in. (Please cross your fingers/toes/arms for us to make it there and back safely). 

So in any case, here is my list of gratitude:
the smell of lavender
boyfriend's sense of humor and the fact that we can be goofy together
card games
homemade french toast made on snow days
huge cups of tea
clean laundry
trucks that can pull other trucks out of snow banks
girl scout cookies
my make-shift craft table/desk under the window
new slippers


Happy Friday
Have a great weekend blog friends! Stay warm!


Kelly said...

I feel like everything on this list applies to my life. Especially huge cups of tea (like almost bowls full) and boyfriends who make you laugh. :)

H Rija said...

I love the quote you used in your post!