Fancy little parties. With my owl tea set.


Someday I will host parties - lots of them. There's something about decorating, planning and organizing that brings me happiness. I love to see friends and family and eat yummy food over laughs and storytelling. Someday I will have tea parties. Like every weekend. Just because someday I will own this tea set and will need a reason to use it every chance possible.
I picture my little gatherings with mix-matched tea sets next to trays of scones, mini sandwiches,  placed in between our board games. In the colder months everyone will wear their coziest socks and sit on the floor with my oversized floor pillows. In the summer, we will be scattered on plaid blankets with our picnic baskets where we'll play boccie and  kickball. So when I finally collect all my tea sets and have a lovely place to host these parties, I will send all of you bloggers invites = ]

Have a lovely LOVE filled weekend friends!


Anna P. said...

haha I have that owl teacup! haha I love him :) I don't have the whole set... just the one lonely owl lol

AutumnRose said...

You went to Alice's Tea Cup in NYC, right? I just loved the matching-because-all-was-mis-matched cozyness of it! And I'm sure your future tea-parties will have a similar loveliness to them :)