Weekly Gratitude


At the end of every week [Saturdays] I post a list of things that I am grateful for. Can be anything and everything. Little or big. Serious or silly. Just reminds us to take a look at our lives and cross off the not-so-good-moments and place a big exclamation mark next to the ones that brought us happiness, peace, and love. 
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In the last seven days of my life, I have found reason to be grateful for the following things:

Cannoli cake [of course I would list food first].
Birthday's [so that we can eat cannoli cake].
My supportive and loving family.
Boyfriend shoveling the snow off the roof. He.Is.My.Hero. [He's going to be so happy I included this!]
Sleep. Ohhhhh sleep. And naps.. like every day!
Selling my handmade items.
My little ballerina's who come to class in ladybug tutus and tell me they love me.
The assistants in my dance classes. Without them I would lose my brain and just sit on the floor and cry.




Happy Saturday friends - Enjoy your Valentine's [or love stinks] weekend!


Kelly said...

Food is always on the top of my list. Embrace it! Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nikki, I look forward to reading your weekly gratitude posts. They always cheer me up. Thanks for them :)

Eva said...

mmm canoli cake...i'm thankful for that one too :)